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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Yam

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Felt weird today.  Craving a breakfast of sweet yam instead of cereal lol!  So I sliced half of  a big sweet yam and cooked.  I purposely bought this yam for my snack sometime in the afternoon but can't wait to eat as my breakfast.   Loved this yam as well my son! Now we had our tummy full haha!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lazy Mama today:)

That is the result when not feeling good. I just want to sit down in front of my computer and updates my site. Get up my but only when kids need something and time of eating lol!

Anyway, my son and I just having fun on Tux paint. Here's the screen shot of what he did!

He's having fun drawing and painting.  And now i guess his tired so he wants to get out and play in the backyard or go jumping the trampoline or maybe play hide and seek with her sister.  See you later guys, enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Health is Wealth!

If you or someone you know who suffered a bad health due to alcohol or whatever it is, Well don't wait your ill get worse. You can immediately visit the alcohol rehab treatment centers for you to ease. Remember, we have one LIFE only, so don't abuse your health.  We have to love our self as GOD always loved us!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wild flowers

Flowers are starting to bloom and yes the wild grasses did the same! I hate it! the grass growing underneath the roses seems unending. I don't want them to grow so, today I cleaned them before they give babies lol! I cut some wild flowers too that growing everywhere in our backyard. But there's someone mad at me why i killed them, my SON hahaha!

My son loves flower. In fact every time he went out side he took some wild flowers and give it to me and he'll say " Mommy this is for you" How lovely my lil' boy. That's why I left some wild flowers for him to pick every time he go outside. Sure kids made our heart active when its weak haha!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Additional furniture in our house

Hubby mentioning me the other day to buy another furniture which is the corner desks for his office.  Actually  he has those nice and cute furniture but he needs to replace it a new one.  I think he is tired to look at his corner desks already.  It's been there in our office for a long time now.  So i think it needs to be gone as soon as possible and get the new one:)

Beautiful day today!

I woke up today with a bright and shiny sun lol! I am glad the rain was gone because my kids and I gonna go in the grocery store. We just have to walk like 5 minutes to go there in the store. Now, I'm just waiting for them to wake up and we will eat together and heading to Foodsco store!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Car title loans Massachusetts

My friend Jenny who lives in Massachusetts just got back from her vacation in the Philippines. She told me her vacation was so fun. However, she's not happy right now because her car was broken for a month already. She told to her husband they should go car title loans Massachusetts so they can move on to fix her car because she's gonna drive it next month for work.   My friend hoping that her husband gonna agree her decisions.  She thought that's the only way that her car will be fixed.  Well, good luck to you my friend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day present

Courtesy of my Hubby:)
I knew the Hearts Day was passed already. But I can't resist to post what I've got from my hubby yesterday, the Valentines flowers and taking us to China house for a great on dinner. Every time he gave me flowers on Valentines Day I posted it on my site for comparison haha! Last Valentines Day he gave me different present.   It's a hanging clock  then at the bottom there's a small roses and his words. It was really pretty.

For me, my  site is the safe placed to treasure all the  things that I received from hubby that made me special that day hehe!  I don't give him anything though because I'm a poor poor mama lol !but I thought my love, my cares, thoughts, taking care of our kids and whatever are more than enough of a presents that I give to him.   So worthy, which I believed it's true!;)

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Instant corn Masa flour

My family loves to eat tacos so i decided to make our own shells instead of buying.   This Maseca has been sitting in our cabinet for a month now.   I just need some ingredients on it and it'll ready to make.  One of our Mexican neighbors here said, that this is really good  to make taco shells.  So I have to try to make it one of these days:)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hair cut!

Last night before we go to Olive garden restaurant in North Main Street, Salinas for a dinner, we dropped first at Macy's Mall for a hair cut for 3 of us. My son, hubby and myself. The lady served first our son, but unfortunately didn't work because he was scared with the tools that the lady used to cut his hair. I wish the lady didn't used the electric tools because that makes my son scared. Last time we went there the lady named Lihn, she used the scissors only and there's no problem at all. She successfully cut the hair of my son. But this time my son acts like it's his first time, crying, screaming and whatsoever. So the lady didn't make it. We just decided to cut his hair next time after Lihn resume from her vacation. After cutting our hair we stopped by at mall playground so both our kids can play. They played like 2 hours then we proceed to Olive Graden Restuarant.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strawberries and Raspberries

Every morning I always prepared a fresh cooked foods for my kids.  But at the same time I always frustrated because they don't want to eat what I've cooked.  Specially my 3 year old son.  He's very meticulous about foods that wants to eat.  He would rather eat the fruits and vegetables than rice, bread, meat and whatever.   But my daughter has no problems for now.  I hope she won't change.

 This morning I cooked a fried chicken and rice as per my son's request, and later he changed his mind.  He just want to eat this fruits, the Strawberries and Raspberries. 
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Photo by:

 Now I'm the one eating the fried chicken and rice that i made which I don't usually eat those foods in the morning.  What a fastidious kid I had:)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


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This lil' cutie doll always appalled me every time I opened the room of my kids. I thought she's my lil' girl who sleep their bed but it wasn't. It just this doll whom my 3 year old son put her on their bed with pillow and blanket. Oh my, it looks real baby on their bed. I told to my son not to do that because it scared me to death. But he's fascinated with this doll. Now, I hide her. It's not for him anyway. My MIL gave it for his sister.  But  she's kind of young to play
right now.  So better hide it before he'll break it:)

Find your dreams homes here!

My aunt who lived in Arizona called me yesterday and we talked a lot of things. I asked her if she buy a house already for her son. She promised to her son before that when his son turned to 19 years old which happened last month, she's gonna buy a house as a gift to him. And I was shocked because she did it. She bought a house before the birthday of her son. I was so wowed and impressed how thoughtful my Aunt to her son. I wish I could do or give something valuable also to my kids someday with mercy from above:) Crossing my fingers!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ramen Noodles Soup!

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Later, I'm gonna make this Ramen noodles soup. I miss eating this soup with eggs on it or a fried fish and spices like green onion, tomatoes, or vegetables like Kalamunggay and etc. I used to make this kind of a soup when I was in the Philippines as my snacks with toasted bread.   Sometimes I cooked in the office during snack time and served to all my co-workers:)  But here in the US i can't make that style anymore because I lived far from the store where I can't buy Kalamunggay.  So I guess  I have to make it with eggs only as my snack later on!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dancing tiger!

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This is one of the toys that my kids loved to play. If you squeeze his nose then he'll sing a song, moves or dancing. It's really funny toy. I'm very impressed the company who made this toy:) When my kids have a tantrum especially my lil' girl then i just on this dancing tiger then she'll stay calm and smiled at me lol! Love this toy, i got this from my Sister-in-law!