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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Really shocking indeed, about Jessica Sanchez!

My hubby and I was really chocked of what's happening on American Idol a while ago.  We didn't expect that an amazing performer Jessica Sanchez gonna go home that moment.  However, she's indeed lucky because the Judges J. Lo, Randy and Steven saved her.

Now, she has to be careful and works harder about her songs or performances next time because there won't be any more saves. 

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  1. i've watched that episode too. I do believe jessica sanchez is really talented. and if the judges are to judge now, i'm sure they will pick jessica. but its not about her performance its about the american viewers who decide who will go home. Biggest factor that makes jessica go home is that she is not a pure american. she is an asian and a half-Filipino at that...sad but true.