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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is an experiment:)

Yesterday my kids and I was visiting to one of friends here in Salinas. We didn't go anywhere though because she was sicked. We're just talking and eating the foods that she prepared. While her son and my kids had fun playing around on her back yard. It is really nice feeling when our kids had a good playmates so you and your friend can talk really well.

My friend and I had fun sharing some bad or good story in our life. She shared to me that just last month she got laid off from her job. And now she is worrying a lot being unemployed because she has coming surgery and her insurance is going to be gone. What a trials! I know how hard if don't have an insurance here in the United States. But I told her to try to get an insurance quotes and see what can she can afford. 

Now, I was waiting for her email.  She said she's gonna email me to let me know if she get an insurance or not.  I hope she got one so she can proceed to her neck surgery.

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