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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween fun

When the dark starts, the tricks or treats event happened. Our door bell rang like every 5 minutes. I thought there's no treaters because it's too cold but i was wrong. Lots of treaters in lined in our porch waiting for our candies lol! I was amazed the treaters because they wore a very nice costumes. Some treaters wore a scary costumes that made my son scared haha! After he scared he doesn't want to help me to give the candies anymore. He dumped all the candies under the table. In short he hide the candies because he said, that's him haha! Poor me! The tricks and treats event stopped like 2 hours. It's not bad at all. It's really fun to see them very greedy of candies. Some kids they cried because they wanted to be the first one to receive the candies I had. Oh my, i told them as long as you're in my porch, i will give you all my candies haha! That was really fun. I never expected that event was really great and fun. It's my first time to do tricks or treats in our house. When we live in the rented house before we just ignored all the treaters haha! Now i love to do that again someday. I love to see my son wearing his costumes and carving the fresh pumpkin. Here's some picture of my son with pumpkin that his Dad carved it.
He's fascinated with pumpkin. In fact he kissed it haha!

He wore a skunk costume!  I love it!  There's no reason I won't celebrate this event again.  I love to see the kids happy and wearing their cute, scary and sexy Halloween costumes hehe!  Really fun.....

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