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Monday, September 14, 2015

What is a Studio Monitor?

I am not and actress or a guitar player but I love to listen the songs or music from those people. I am always ador them and respect their way. They are the people who are lucky to have those kinds of skills and knowledge. Every time I watched those people presenting their lives shows on the TV, I always asked to myself why I am not like them or lucky as they are? lol!

 Anyhow, I know I can make what I want as long as I can afford. I can play myself as an actress or a guitarist when I have my own studio.  But first I really need to know  what is a studio monitor! Do you?

Blah Blah!

It's been a while again there's no update here.  My life is unpredicted, lol!  I thought I can do some update, but the unexpected things happen for no reasons. That's why it's not good to make a promises since we didn't control our time. It's better to wait the right time than to make a promise then later nothing happen.:) Just my thoughts of the day.... 

I hope everyone have a great week and more power!

Today, I was very loaded with online tasks both of my selling and reviewing the products in online.  Thought it's good for me cause it's a thing that I received without a huge cost from my own pocket.  But the hard part is to do a review. I guess it's just a matter on how to manage my time. As long as my kids won't bother me too much then my monkey business in online will continue to grow. Crossing my fingers, there's more blessing coming in my way.:)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Water Heater Indianapolis

Drinking clean water is very important. So if you notice your water heater has a weird test or something broken or needed to install a new one, then don't hesitate to call a Water Company that closer to where you live. If you lived in Indianapolis, call their tool free number 1-888-875-8619 immediately. Water Heater Indianapolis  offered free estimate and the most reliable and efficient family owned company since 1978.  You won't get a huge charge whatever services you need in plumbing because they are offering a great discounted prices right now.  Like if you want to get a new Water Heater, Water Softener or even a new whole house Water Softener.

This company had a excellent, professional trained technicians who go out of their way to make you and your family happy with your water and other services you need from them. 

They will serve both residential or commercial works.  So, hit them up when you need plumbing services or water analysis today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Making Money out of your Trash! :)

I have heard some people saying, that your trash is a treasures to other people.  

Yeah, it's true.  

Just recently i posted something in online, specifically in Listia that i don't need to use anymore.  And to my surprised, someone bought it.  See, if i throw them  away in the garbage i wouldn't make money at all.  That's why I'm so careful about my junks because we can get money out of it!  We thought some of our things are useless, but for the other people they are looking to it. So we should have know by now how to earn out of our trash or junks as tons of website in online open for our business. Just a sharing :)........