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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Auto Destructing Electronics Mesages!

What is auto destructing electronic messages all about? Well, I personally never heard this company before. However, after reading some information about their services, I would say, it's really cool. It helps a lot of us specially in term of secure and safe of giving messages to your family, friends, relatives or loved ones. We knew our time right now is really different. We suffered a lot of spamers, viruses or whatever destruction we experienced in online.  Their job is to help people far away from those delima.  Your email, phone devices and others, will be secured.  That's why I urge you to check their website to know more details and their exciting services now and in the future.

 They well-explained  everything in their FAQ's, so just browse whatever questions you wanted to know about. It's really important to know, so you won't blame or regret at the end of your business.

I haven't tried their services, but I was eager now to try.  I just need a great plans before I messing up my other businesses.  But if you are ready, sign them up and have fun giving out your words of secrets. :)

Wordless Weekend: The place where I really missed!

one of the coolest reservoir in CA. photo by:
I couldn't find what's the name of this reservoir. But I am pretty sure it's in California. My family I went this before and go fishing. It was really fun day as I remembered. I don't know when we're gonna go there again since everyone now loaded with tasks, lol! I'm hoping we can go this place again by next year.  Crossing my fingers. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Play your Guitar Perfectly!

My hubby is a real fan of playing a guitar. He played most of the time after got home from his work. He also collects of a guitars too. For now, he has 8 guitars excluding the gift from his family. His office almost full of his guitars collection lol! 

Anyhow, one of hubby's favorite store to buy some gear  and other accessories of his guitar is musician friends.  Just recently, they delivered some books that he ordered.  He studied some techniques on how to play his guitar really well. :) 

Music lovers just like my husband should visit musician friends to learn and getting your music to be awesome!

Can't afford to Neglect this Site :)

I was planning to stop blogging  my (2) sites because I was pretty loaded of task few Months ago. That's one reason why there's no updates.  But what makes me hold right now from stopping is my so loyal site.  They still giving me an assignment inspite i didn't post their task before.  I'm glad they didn't delete me in their system when there's no updates as well.

My so loyal paid site right now is the only reason why I'm still here.  I can't afford to ignore the unexpected blessings from them lol! I'm so thankful that this site still useful.  Useful because i still get money by writing a reviews.  I hope there's more assignment coming soon.:) Crossing my fingers hehe!