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Friday, May 1, 2015

Shop Online at Avid Max OutFitters

There's a lot of stores to shop in online at this era. But recently, I just felt in love with company because they have everything that I like and wants to buy.  From outdoors or indoors gears, Luggage and travel, cycling gear, sporting apparel and many others.  If you are looking with a high quality products plus branded one, try it!

Additionally, the prices are just fine for all the products. You won't regret when you do a business with them as your business is their first priority. They will treat you right and give their best service as they can to satisfy you. If they mess up  (which we do sometimes) they will do whatever it takes to make it right. So have a chance to shop their awesome business online today, as i do! 

Enjoy shopping!

Just Done all my Errands! Blah blah!

A busy Friday for me. Feeling so productive, though ;). I liked when my plans that day went so well.:)

I hope you guys had an awesome day. Just keep going your works that you love. If you like business then keep doing it.:)  But if you don't have one, I can help you with it. just message me and i will help you build your business.  Building a business is not free, so be aware with that. As long as you trust and have guts, then don't hesitate to message me! This is just a sharing not a recruiting. lol!

Anyway, have a great Friday to all of us and hope everyone have a great plans for this coming weekend with family or loved ones! Stay Safe!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Friendly Site

My kids are growing everyday specially their knowledge. Sometimes they corrected my pronunciation and shared me something that i didn't know before ha ha! They are so hilarious but im so grateful they are so knowledgeable. It was really my dream to have a very smart kids just like them. ;) So thankful with that.

Just recently, I was thinking about to buy some educational version software  after i stumbled upon the site called This site has a lot to offer so your skills, talent will be develop, either young or adult. Check it out and see how you like their products!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

She keeps Saying "I'm Hungry"!!

My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis or (DM) few weeks ago, and I'm puzzled now because just in 10 minutes or so after she ate her regular meals, snacks, asking me again to get foods. She's not like this before had this diagnoses.  It's really weird, but at the same time I'm so delighted that she ate a lot. Her weight is gaining now a lil' bit compared before.

But, I was wondering if anyone here diagnosed with DM had the same feeling with my 4 year old daughter which always felt hungry.  Even though her Doctor told us it's one of the side effects, the hungriness,  but would be a relief if someone can share me your experienced here.  Thanks! :)