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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watch Out the Theft Neighbor Specially Teenagers!

I've been selling my stuff in the house that we didn't want to use for 2 weeks already in our front yard or so called "Yard Sale". And within that long i felt comfortable, safe and secured.  However, today was terrible day for me. Let me share you;

I was started displaying my things around 10am.  While I was arranging them, i saw 3 people coming in next door or our neighbors rented house.  They are all teenager and students.  They talking and laughing each other.  They poke spanish so i couldn't understand what they said. I just ignored them.  I went to inside our house to get more stuffs in the garage. And when I came back one of my item int he table gone, my basketball CD. I asked my Mom if she went outside to get the CD and she said "NO".  So the idiot student stole it as there were no other people that i saw while i was displaying my stuffs. I was so pissed!  I was looking them around but they were gone ugh! They are just lucky that i didn't catch them. I better catch them next time grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm not only losing my item but also lost my Money.:(

Be watchful now....................

A Place to Buy Christmas Ornaments and other Accessories

It is not Christmas yet, but it's not far to think in advance where to buy a Christmas decorations.:) I believe in being prepared even the occasions that i waited is not yet On lol.

Anyway, the christmasplace for Radko ornaments offering tons of unique products about Christmas right now at a very low price. I think this is the best time to grab this opportunity as the item priced always go up. Take a look and see lots of beautiful products in the website!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

No Luck of Selling this Time! :)

It's 8pm here and my family waiting for our barbecue to cook lol! I told to my Mom to take care the chicken barbecue becoz i have to check my ebay if someone bid on my item.  I saw there's 10 people who watched my one item, so im expecting someone will bid it.  But when i checked, unfortunately, no bidders. :(

Well, I relisted it and hopefully i'll get my luck next time. :) 

I hope everyone here have a wonderful weekend together with the family you loved. More happiness and grace to come hehe!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Auto Destructing Electronics Mesages!

What is auto destructing electronic messages all about? Well, I personally never heard this company before. However, after reading some information about their services, I would say, it's really cool. It helps a lot of us specially in term of secure and safe of giving messages to your family, friends, relatives or loved ones. We knew our time right now is really different. We suffered a lot of spamers, viruses or whatever destruction we experienced in online.  Their job is to help people far away from those delima.  Your email, phone devices and others, will be secured.  That's why I urge you to check their website to know more details and their exciting services now and in the future.

 They well-explained  everything in their FAQ's, so just browse whatever questions you wanted to know about. It's really important to know, so you won't blame or regret at the end of your business.

I haven't tried their services, but I was eager now to try.  I just need a great plans before I messing up my other businesses.  But if you are ready, sign them up and have fun giving out your words of secrets. :)